DIP Wendland - Tanzretreat - Masterclass
Offene Gruppe, Kursanmeldungen möglich, Haus hat weitere Kapazitäten.
02 Mai 14:00
Until 06 Mai, 14:00 4d

DIP Wendland - Tanzretreat - Masterclass

Dervish in Progress (DIP) is hosting a retreat in Wendland, Germany, from May 2nd to May 6th, 2024, tailored for advanced practitioners.
Starting May 2nd, the retreat offers an integration of three specialized master classes.
From May 2nd, three master classes will be addressed separately, but also will be blended together. As the retreat progresses, these classes will intertwine like puzzle pieces, helping participants better understand the teachings of DIP.
The aim is for practitioners to leave the retreat feeling they have progressed and ascended a level in their whirling dance skills, and thanks to the cumulative format of the information to make them feel the holistic advancement in DIP.


You can find more information here.

Website: www.dervishinprogress.com

Registration, fees...:  www.dipshoponline.com

Contact: Lea Trampeneau - e-Mail: trampenau@iss-tt.de and phone: (+49) 170-7532319